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The main focus of Sithil Solutions is providing IT services and solutions, out sourcing, and online recruiting solutions. Our offshore service personnel provide exceptional skills, knowledge, unmatched professional services to our customers focusing on quality, cost and time. We take pride in providing quality IT services & solutions to both corporate & the government sectors. Our service offerings spans key areas including enterprise IT consulting services, project deliveries, IT staffing, products and solutions. We have the infrastructure to provide outsourcing services in IT, accounting, HR, system support & help desk areas. We provide a unique unmatched service in the online recruiting industry including help for jobseekers to advance their careers and also employers by helping them build their workforce.  
  Customs Software Development 
Sithil Solutions focuses on software development. Our service personnel provide exceptional skill, knowledge, unmatched professional services to our customer base. Sithil will provide rapid & reliable products with much needed state of the art functionality that would make your business succeed in face of competition. Sithil Solutions software development function is located in Sri Lanka, which provides the advantage of tapping into the strong pool of high-tech talent in South Asia. Our scope in this area include: application development, data architecture, data entry, integration, implementation, maintenance, and support.
  Enterprise IT Consulting Services 
  We provide IT consulting services on a project basis or on an ongoing basis. We provide our expert advice on managing your critical IT projects effectively and efficiently, Provide technical support, training and management of projects.  
  Web Design And Development 
  Sithil Solutions is a forerunner in creative web site development for customers with diverse needs. We are supported by exceptional graphic designers, IT engineers and support staff that enable us to produce the most creative and unique web sites for our valued customers. Our numerous web sites stand evidence to our creative web development and technical expertise.  
  IT staffing 
  We provide quality IT staff based on your requirements and situations enabling a more flexible structure for your organization to thrive. Our IT staff is of the highest quality with technical skills, knowledge & experience. Many of the staff members have well over 10 years experience in the IT industry with various technologies. 


  One of our main strengths is having a back office in Sri Lanka is outsourcing. We have the infrastructure to provide outsourcing services in IT, accounting, HR, system support & help desk areas. We will provide a guaranteed quality service which will exceed customer expectations with a cost that will be unparallel among our competitors.  
  Career Web Site

We want to become the market leader in the online recruiting industry. Our www.mycareergate.com web portal will revolutionize the way people manage their careers and the way companies hire skill sets / talent. Sithil Solutions – mycareergate.com tools and advice put job seekers in complete control of their careers and make it convenient and more cost-effective for employers and staffing firms to find qualified, suitable & exceptional candidates. We also give special emphasis on top tier executives in the job market guaranteeing confidentiality while making the top tier executive career opportunities available. In addition to its popular consumer job board, mycareergate.com provides employers, recruiters, and staffing agencies with progressive recruiting solutions.  

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